CloudLark SIM

Lightweight multi-user emulation platform

CloudLark SIM, the lightweight cloud simulation platform, is developed by the Parallel Cloud, can be deployed in the public cloud, the private cloud and the LAN resources, providing online application service for the virtual simulation with the characteristics of low threshold, low cost and high safety and creating a brand-new mode for the cloudification of the virtual simulation.CloudLark SIM has provided simulated cloud service for educational training and drill, 3D GIS, online 3D display, industrial and intelligence manufacturing aided design in more than 10 domains of the virtual simulation industry.

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Multi-operation system(Windows/MAC/Linux/iOS/Android)
4G and Wifi
LAN/Private cloud /Public cloud
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Service time limits Yes, continuous use for 3 minutes No No
Product validity 1 year, reapply annually Effective after purchase Pay service fee annually
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Easy to instal

Easy to Deploy

Easy to use

The CloudLark SIM can provide the users with three convenient use-patterns, i.e., independent product mode, link mode and customized mode.

Various adaptable resources

Adopting the technology of sharing GPU computing resources, the CloudLark SIM breaks through the international monopoly of the GPU virtualization. It supports most of the mainstream GPU in the market which can meet the demands of all the clients of different levels for different scenarios.

GeForce GTX

GeForce RTX




Diversified deployment modes

Deployment in the LAN or private cloud

Deploy CloudLark SIM in GPU with discrete graphics, to make it as render server and form a render cluster, implementing LAN or private cloud deployment.

Deployment in the public cloud

Deploy CloudLark SIM in different specifications GPU instances according to different resource requirements of virtual simulation applications, implementing public cloud deployment.

Low bandwidth.Low latency.Strong interaction

low internet latency

low response time

diversified resolution ratio

wide transmission rate

  • Improve the hardware resources utilization and reduce the use-cost

    Instances in the cloud or physical machines in private deployment,
    depending the technology of sharing GPU computing resources maximizes computational efficiency, to improve resources utilization and reduce resource slack

    Adaptive platform turns “one”into “more” to reduce the cost of development

    A set of desktop application program based on the Windows system enables the CloudLark SIM to realize the visit of self-adaptive cross-platforms(Windows/Linux/MAC/iOS/Android )and cross-terminals (PC/Laptop/Pad/Mobilephone)

    Places where you can use turn “one”into “more ”to expand the application scenarios

    Any terminal connected into the CloudLark SIM can be used, changing the application mode with fixed places and equipment. User can use any terminal to visit the application whenever and wherever possible.

    Protect the safety of data

    It is the HD video streaming rendered by the server that is transmitted to the network instead of data itself which separates the user from the data. Thus, it perfectly protects the intellectual property and information safety.

    Low threshold, multiple choices, affordable for everyone

    Due to its flexibility, the CloudLark SIM can be deployed in any GPU resources supporting the graphical rendering, which effectively reduces both the threshold and cost of use, expands the use of scope and helps more users to realize the cloud simulation.

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#   Support multi-rendering nodes to easily experience cluster deployment

#  The free version is the same as the paid version. There is no need to reinstall it, just upgrade the authorization mode.

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