Cloud virtual simulation lab open at any time


At present, the teaching resources for the virtual simulation experiment are mainly applied offline and there exist plenty of obstacles for the online application.

Functioning as the current technical routes for the online application, the WebGL、Unity Web Player、OCX plugs cannot completely solve the above-mentioned problems.

  • Heavy

    High requirements on terminal hardware configuration make it difficult to realize the application of multi-terminals on cross-platforms.

  • Large

    Date volume ranges from hundreds of megabytes to hundreds of gigabytes. It is quite difficult to realize the function of “no preload”and “click to run”.

  • Difficult

    Online application has the risk of copyright infringement. Thus, it is limited by the offline applications mode.

Easily build exclusive training room on cloud

no threshold for the set-up;      no operational cost;      no maintaining cost;     7×24 hours’suppor

Traditional Virtual Simulation Training Lab The Exclusive Cloud Training Lab for the Vsapponline
Need to develop an independent platform for managing and sharing resources. No need to develop an independent platform. Simple online registry enables you to have access to the virtual simulation training lab with the exclusive domain name and various teaching resources.
Need to use the hardware terminal with the specified configuration. No limit for the equipment. It only needs the internet terminal.
Limited by the network bandwidth. Smooth operation needs the help of high speed LAN. Low bandwidth and low latency interaction. It can operate smoothly under the normal internet condition.
It can be used either by the download to the localhost or a long-time data loading No need to install and preload. It can be used the moment you click
Corresponding software should be developed when using different operating systems The self-adaptive cross-platforms can be realized only by a Windows version.
(Support Windows.MAC.Linux.iOS.Android,eth.)
It is very hard to effectively control the programs’ data as well as the encryption measures, thus bringing the risk of copyright infringement. The data is separate from the user and there will be no cache after reading. Thus, the intellectual property is perfectly protected.

Vsapponline promotes the sharing and propagation of the virtual simulation teaching resources.

Reduce the cost of development

One version is enough to be used across the platforms and terminals.

Reduce the cost of maintenance

centralized deployment; centralized maintenance; fast and convenient update

Reduce the use-cost

no initial investment; charge according to time and quantity; use any terminal to visit whenever and wherever possible

Protect the safety of data

The core contents can be stored in the cloud server while the client can only visit the video streams.

Promote the sharing and propagation of the resources

No need to install and preload. It can be used the moment you click without the limit of the network and the place.




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