CloudLark VR

CloudVR Solution

CloudLark VR, the CloudVR solution, is developed by the Parallel Cloud. In 5G or LAN, CloudLark VR can make the All-In-One achieve almost the same effect of equal quality as PCVR, to give CloudVR infinite imagination.

Index Free Version Home Version Pro Version
Complete function ×
Compatible with multiple All-In-One
Complete technical support and promotion ×
Price FREE Contact Customer Service Contact Customer Service
Node number limits Yes, ≤3 Yes, ≤20 No
Service time limits Yes, continuous use for 3 minutes No No
Product validity 1 year, reapply annually Effective after purchase Pay service fee annually
Authorization Cloud Authorization Cloud Authorization/Dongle Cloud Authorization/Dongle
Apply Consult Consult

Adaptation requirement

Support VR Ready certified PC CPU: Intel i5 or greater
System Memory: 8GB RAM or more, recommend 16GB RAM
Video Card: Nvidia 970 or greater installed the lastest driver
All-In-One Type: Pico G2 (Basic and 4K)
IQIYI Adventure Ⅱ Series (Consult customer service for more information)
Router Support 5G frequency band
Not connected to other wireless devices other than All-In-One
Maintain network connectivity when using cloud authorization
Open free version authorization
and valid within one year.
Both new and old users can apply.

Scanning to Fill in
Application for Use

Free Version Authorization Note

#  Free cloud authorization with full product functions

#  Online form filling, long-term validity and unlimited number of times. Both new and old users can apply.

#   Support multi-rendering nodes to easily experience cluster deployment

#  The free version is the same as the paid version. There is no need to reinstall it, just upgrade the authorization mode.

Application notes

1、Please fill in the true and valid personal information. Our company will contact you according to the application information you reserved.

2、In terms of use, the free version is slightly different from the paid version. More information can be accessed to see the product introduction.

3、Using environment, demands of hardware and software, and any requirements or proposals of you, please call +(86)18500802401 (wechat).

Access to product price information

You will receive the reply within one working day.

You can fill in the form online to get product price information,

You can send an email to

Or call: 18500802401.

to get in touch with our salesman,

If you have any suggestions, please leave a message below. Thank you for your support.

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