Cloud VR/Cloud simulation Solution

Virtual Simulation Lab


● Virtual simulation sharing online become a trend
● Characteristics of virtual simulation hinder application online
● Existing technical scheme can not solve the problem fundamentally

Role2:Virtual simulation experiment development enterprise

● Existing technical route sacrifice content quality to implement sharing online
● Needing to download content data for using every time, high requirement for hardware, poor user experience
● Content resources has theft risk to make it difficult to protect intellectual property

CloudLark promotes to build cloud virtual simulation lab at any time and with any terminal

● Compatible virtual simulation resources for all periods and engines
● No code changing implemets online operation of multi-operation system and multi-client
● User and data separtion protect intellectual property
● Cloud deployment, unified maintenance and unified update to reduce the cost of maintenance

Sharing on line

Role1:Virtual simulation resources development enterprise

● Existing content sharing platform is ineffective by displaying product by word, image or video only
● Sales man is inefficient for must carrying heavy equipment on site for customer demonstration
● Demo is inconvenient to use for installing specially configured device

Role2:Virtual simulation user

● Existing product can not be experienced online really by word, image or video
● Not friendly user experience for downloading content data every time, and high requirement for hardware
● Complex installation and deployment for enterprise demo, with high requirement for hardware

CloudLark promotes to build virtual simulation online interactive display platform

● No need to install and preload. It can be used the moment you click.
● Present efficiently and visit whenever and wherever possible
● Data in cloud can protect intellectual property
● Promoting the business model transition of virtual simulation enterprises

Digital Twin City

Role1:Government, Enterprises and Institutions

● Digital twin is the important means to promote the construction of smart city
● BIM+GIS is an important manifestation of digital twin
● BIM+GIS operation system need special GPU equipment
● Get through the'Three Screens’(Hall screen/Desktop display/Mobile device screen), is the basic guarantee of digital twin system for daily work

Role2:Visual scenario development enterprise

● The digital twin system based on lightweight 3D model is difficult to meet user need
● The digital twin system based on live-action 3D model is difficult to run on current office system
● A solution is urgently needed to resolve the conflict between heavyweight 3D model and lightweight office system

CloudLark promotes digital twin system daily use

●  Get rid of terminal restrictions and use any terminal to visit whenever and wherever possible easily
●  Support online access to multiple roles in complex business process
●  Get through the'Three Screens’, and make the digital twin system really apply to the daily business work

Digital Online Museum

Role1:Museum/Exhibition hall

● Digital museum is a new opportunity for museums in the information age
● The digitization of cultural relics has been promoted for many years and achieved remarkable results
● Existing high precision 3D model of digital cultural relics is mainly offline display, and hardly implement to visit online

Role2:Digital content development enterprise

● Distributed data processing for digital cultural relic is rope, but online display is still limited by the terminals
● Existing online display is focused on panorama or lightweight products, 1:1 real restoration digital cultural relics is hard implement to visit online

CloudLark promotes construction of online digital museum/exhibition hall

●  Break the predicament of complex models and online presentations, make every scene and exhibit real
●   Break the time limit, and use any terminal to visit whenever and wherever possible, let historical relics come alive

Interior Design

Role1:Virtual simulation design tool development enterprises

● Virtual simulation design tool combined with BIM can get through the whole life cycle of design and construction, except for high requirement of terminal and operation system
● Virtual simulation design tool is too expensive for small companies and independent designers to use
● Design tool can only be used offline, not conducive to market cultivation and promotion

Role2:Company and designer

● Virtual simulation design tool is too expensive and have high requirement for terminal
● Design tool can only be used on heavy and specific terminal, having time and space limitations
● Simulation scenes can only be viewed offline, cause Inconvenient transmission and unfriendly experience

CloudLark promotes virtual simulation design tool applying online

● Developers do not need to modify the code to implement the visit of self-adaptive cross-platforms, improve design tool compatibility greatly
●  Design tools online can reduce the cost and serve for small companies and independent designers, to expand home decoration +VR scene
●  Design scene in cloud with one click can make easy online communication with customers from all over the world, and realize real-time interactive synchronization of modifications

Industrial Manufacturing

Role1:Industrial manufacturing enterprise

●  Industrial simulation scenes are highly refined, and have high requirement for computers, which add purchase cost
● Use at fixed time and place with fixed terminals, lacking of flexibility
● front-line worker can not view production process timely, with less practicability

Role2:Industrial simulation development enterprise

● Industrial simulation application has high precision with large quantity of data, and can not compatible with existing corporate computers, which make it difficult fo apply and promote
●  Local deployment and operation limit the use of 3D scene
● It cannot meet the requirements of both refinement and online

CloudLark promotes one-step service industrial simulation cloud platform

● Elaborate simulation scene is easy to cloud, without simplifying model or purchasing equipment separately. One-click upload is easy to use
●  Entire network coverage make high efficiency for simulation scene to be used with network inside and outside
● Pocket the big scene, and break the time-space constraint of first-line engineers,to build lightweight multi-user industrial simulation cloud platform

VR Classroom


● Highly reductive VR course need VR headset with security threat
● Need purchase high configuration computer additionally. One VR headset comes with one computer, not only expensive but also takes up classroom space
● Ordinary all-in-one can not bear high quality VR course

Role2:VR course developer

● High precision VR course can only work on PCVR, which is too expensive for schools and take too much space. It is difficult fo apply and promote
● Simplified VR course can work in all-in-one easily, but reduce students ' learning efficiency with low reduction scenarios and operational flows
● VR course for PCVR is difficult to transplant to all-in-one with specially-assigned development and adaptation, increasing development cost

CloudLark promotes VR course solution

● For VR application used on PCVR, no need to modify the code to easily compatible kinds of all-in-one
● Getting rid of the host, releasing space and reducing cost, let more people enjoy the benefits of equal access to education
● Promote on cloud and get ready for 5G, to create new product form by Cloud VR