Deliver a Twin World

Only one click to run your XR application in Any Device, Any Time and Any Where.

PXY Technologies' Offerings

PXY Technologies delivers a set of Cloud XR software products and relevant solutions to enterprise clients in various industries. These offerings help orgnizations move fast, keep innovating, enlarge business scale, and improve cost efficiency.

Why PXY Cloud XR Solutions?

High Availability

Only one click to run your XR application in Any Device, Any Time and Any Where.

High Compatibility

With no code change, totally compatible with various engines and system environments.

Easy Deployment

Just one step to deploy your XR app in the public cloud, private cloud, or the PC server nearby to you.

Reliable Safety

Complete separation of content and data from user allows content right to be better protected.

Low Cost

To transfer the rendering computing power from end to cloud significantly improves the hardware resource utilization, so that reduces operation costs.

Business Growth

The transformation of operation mode from offline to online has greatly expanded the scale of business and the number of users.

Cloud XR?

SR: Simulation Reality | VR: Virtual Reality | AR: Augmented Reality

Cloud XR brings together cloud-based technologies and XR to deliver XR superior immersive and interactive experiences via any device to end users, so that revolutionize the consumption of content in both the consumer and the enterprise sectors.

Business Scope of PXY







Smart city








Customer Cases


Virtual Labs

With the powerful computing & rendering power of cloud, the expensive offline laboratories can be moved online, so that students can complete professional experiments and practical learning anytime, anywhere and using any terminal.


Home Design

By PXY Cloud XR solutions, the BIM design software for home decoration is moved to the cloud, so that users will no longer rely on GPU in terminals and user range expands from professional designers to common end users. It also builds a total solution from design, construction, building materials and furniture supply chain.


Body Machine

Cloud XR medical platform provide training, disease diagnosis and treatment and other services to medical schools and hospitals worldwide. It also provide rehabilitation and health management services to old-age care institutions and families to improve service capacity.


Aiming at the cloud demands of the virtual simulation and virtual reality field, Parallel Cloud puts forward multi-level solutions, promoting the cloud service of virtual simulation and virtual reality.


CloudLark SIM

Lightweight multi-user emulation platform

multi-platform multi-operation system multi-client

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CloudLark VR

CloudVR Solution

Inspire All-In-One potential

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Cloud virtual simulation lab open

at any time

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